Water Aerobics Workout

Water aerobics workout is very popular today. It is highly preferable since it is able to provide great benefits. Water aerobics workout can also be very ideal for those who don’t have time to join regular aerobic program. In addition to its benefits, water aerobic is easy to do. It will be a perfect idea for those who suffer from back and joint problems.

There are a lot of benefits which can be gained through water aerobics workout. It will be ideal for pregnant women, obese people, and people who get overheating easily. Although this workout deals with water, you don’t need to be able to swim. Although you can’t swim, you can still do this water workout. Most of these exercises are carried out in waist-deep water so that you are not exposed to the risk of drowning. This water aerobic is just the same as another water exercise.

Just like any other workouts, the instructor of water aerobics workout usually uses music along with choreography. In addition, the use of equipment is also possible. The most common equipment used for water exercise includes wrist weights or kick boards. It will be able to help you easily perform your exercise.

Commonly, water aerobics workout will take about 40 up to 50 minutes including warm up, stretching routines, and cooling down. There are some steps in doing simple water aerobic. The first step is warm up. Since it is water aerobic, the warm up should also be done in the water. It needs time about 20 minutes. You can do kicking, jogging, walking, and knee lift.

However, before performing those water aerobics workout, there are some important things you have to keep in mind. The first thing you need to consider is the stance. Before doing the exercise, you have to make sure that your feet are flat. Make sure that your head is straight to your body. If you bend it, you can lead to pain.

After Warm Up activity, you can do a set of water aerobics workout such as stretching calf muscles, quadriceps, hips and hamstrings for about eight or ten minutes. Stretching is somewhat very important for any workout purpose, pain relief and back exercise. As the first thing you have to do for stretching is just standing in the in shoulder deep water. Extend your one leg forward and backward. Then, stretch your quadriceps, hip flexor, and hamstrings. Do it alternately with another leg. Then, stretch the upper body by hold one of your arms to the side parallel to water line.

Then, you can follow this stretching with some different jumps, such as frog jumps, tuck jumps, and scissor jumps. This is the core of your water aerobics workout. After finishing, all you have to do is to do Cool Down activity. You can do it for about 10 minutes.

In order to get the best result, it will be better for you to maintain this water aerobics workout as your regular routines. 30 minutes a day is ideal for your exercise. With a regular exercise, you will be able to maintain your health for improving the quality of your life.

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